Free Download AIMP 2.61.570

AIMP audio player is free (freeware) made by Artem Izmaylov mas a stateless Russian. So actually the name of the audio player, AIMP, is a continuation of Artem Izmaylov Media Player. At first AIMP is a personal project undertaken by Artem mas which she eventually gave birth to AIMP classic turned into a AIMP/AIMP2

The advantages of self AIMP tedapat of capacity as a music software that is installed compared with other competitors far, including : Fast, Light, Simple, Flexible, and Functional

AIMP almost supports all kind of audio from the mp3 format that we usually set up a stranger for me is UMX. AIMP Also produces crystal clear audio sound with minimal power consumption following comparison picture

I suggest you use another multimedia player software called AIMP. Now use it on my own when I was writing this article diblog. From the beginning of this way of installing software aimp, like similar to winamp. It's just different when you're done copying all the files into your hard disk, AIMP will automatically display a dialog box, which in the dialog box contains a type of language you want to use. In the inter-face use to look eager to use what language. That great again in the dialog box has been given the option Indonesian. Total of 42 languages in the language.

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fakta jondil :

wow keren.bahasanya lengkap

5 Agustus 2010 11.38

IG :

ayok donlott

5 Agustus 2010 11.52

tips dan informasi terkini :

saya masih setia pake Winamp cak

5 Agustus 2010 17.58

Ipin's cool :

wess manttaff nihh sobbb:)

5 Agustus 2010 19.09

admin :


IG..ayo download..

tips...silakan sob..tergantung selera..

ipin...sama2 sob

5 Agustus 2010 20.16

Ka Damar :

aku g pernah coba AIM, jarang nge-musik :D

biasa klo make WM_

5 Agustus 2010 21.43

admin :

ka damar..heem kang teergantung selera kang

5 Agustus 2010 22.01

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