How to install seo Quake

SEO Quake is a Add Ons that can be installed in the browser Mozilla Firefox (but already can on the internet explorer and google chrome too lho ..) whose function is to display a web page SEO parameters. The parameters that we can see, among others, Pagerank, Alexa rank, Google index page, google backlinks, whois, index etc. Delicious. With a facility like this of course will greatly assist us in analyzing the pages of our site or any other site. We can know how SEO if our web page and analyze the level of our competitors SEO Web pages.
SEO Quake will display ststistik SEonya at the top of the page that you open or on google search results page (this is what I often use). To better understand should just try this extension very useful.
To get it, please come to the official website at: www.seoquake.com

how to install seoquake to mozilla:
  1. Click www.seoquake.com
  2. after it click Mozilla installseoquake now
  3. after it there in the corner let's say the word let's sob.klik
  4. after that restart your Mozilla
  5. good luck sob

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13 Responses to “How to install seo Quake”

Islamic.Net :

makasih atas informasinya ya

3 Agustus 2010 06.33

admin :

islamic..ok sob sama - sama

3 Agustus 2010 06.39

Used Stationary Bikes :

This is very useful information about add on firefox.
I'm interesting for this site.. thanks you very much.
Visit my blog please..

3 Agustus 2010 06.39

admin :

mas is..hehehe sama2 mas..makasih atas pujiannya

3 Agustus 2010 06.43

Sodiyc & acun :

I like this... nice info my frend!!!

3 Agustus 2010 09.26

vos©ot :

wah, bagus ini....nice info~

3 Agustus 2010 13.48

admin :

sodic ma voscot..hehehee

3 Agustus 2010 13.50

investasi online terbaru dan tercepat :

walah2 hebat banget nich pengalaman kemarin langsung di buat posting... saluuuuuuuuutttttttt

3 Agustus 2010 13.52

admin :

ya kang mu...makasih ata infonya kang

4 Agustus 2010 00.02

Anonim :

I would like to exchange links with your site chuzblog.blogspot.com
Is this possible?

12 Agustus 2010 01.08

mascipul :

wah sy uda lm pake seo quake... asik nih plugin...hehe

12 Agustus 2010 06.59

iklan baris :

seo quake adalah add ons favorit saya untuk firefox

5 Maret 2011 21.40

Lower Cholesterol :

SEO Quake is a great plugin and I'm using it right now. If you haven't used it yet, you should follow the instructions in the article above. = It's actually easy to install though, so without a tutorial you'll still be able to install it straight away :-)


25 Juli 2011 10.51

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