Cheat Ninja Saga Update Misi TP Instan 19 Desember 2010

I want to update the cheat instant missions and boss ginger,.,., same way he lived drag it to the fiddler,.,., hopefully help

just want share what ninja saga? ....

A facebook game produced by Zynga, a game about a ninja who runs a mission, fighting fellow users, help each other in carrying out the mission by recruiting fellow users ... .. Ninja Saga in this game there are 5 elements: Wind, Fire, Lightning, Soil, and Water. For use facebook account Free Users can only control two elements and to account up the use Premium Users can use the three elements

At first opened the account for Ninja Saga immediately be offered to play with Free User or Premium users, the Ninja Saga (NS), we can play in NS 6 avatar because there were 6 empty slots to create an avatar. So, we are free to use or make a ninja avatar we want ....

Once we have registered as users of the NS, at the beginning of our entrance, we immediately offered elements that we want to master,,,, should one inserted element water element (water) because the element of water can increase chakra more than the water element and water element is also expertise (skills), the refresh function to restore blood when the enemy attacked during a mission or fight fellow users.

Source  : http://hompila-hompimpa.blogspot.com/2010/12/cheat-ninja-saga-update-misi-tp-instan.html

hai sobat ayo gabung di facebook blog ini bersama dengan ribuan sahabat lain

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makash sob infonya,,,

19 Desember 2010 16.14

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Okey ditunggu kunjungan baliknya

19 Desember 2010 17.56

Black Hunter :

keren mau dicoba dulu ahhhh

19 Desember 2010 22.45

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nih menggunakan CE versi brp Om

4 Desember 2011 09.50

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