Firefox Versi 3.6.8 (gratis)

Now Mozilla released a new version 3.6.8 after yesterday released version 3.6.7. before download again we must know history. From my reading the article I tried to share my knowledge of friends - friends bloggers
Immediately, we first review again what firefox history. The original name of Mozilla Firefox is a Phoenix and then for a moment known as Mozilla Firebird. Mozilla Firefox is the browser under a flag of open source, so users who have high enough programming skills can modify the source-ons to suit individual needs.
As an alternative to Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox is the most popular browser,Compared with other browsers such as Opera, Safari and so the Mozilla Firefox browser is a freeware that most closely approximates the results of rendering of Internet Explorer, meaning that the page that opened with Mozilla Firefox approaching pageviews which opened with Internet Explorer. That is why many developers using Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to Internet Explorer,

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ijin sedot dulu kang....makasih ya

30 Juli 2010 08.41

CongCot :

yang benar aja
ko dah ada yang baru lagi
hiks hiks
makin ketinggalan

30 Juli 2010 09.03

chuz blog :


30 Juli 2010 09.36

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